July 31, 1942 – This Day During World War II – Japanese transport Kano Maru sinks USS Grunion

July 31, 1942 – USS Grunion damaged Japanese transport Kano Maru 10 miles north if Kiska, US Territory of Alaska at 0547 hours; Kashima Maru fought back with her 80-millimeter gun, sinking USS Grunion, killing all 70 aboard
USS Grunion (SS-216) was a Gato-class submarine that was sunk at Kiska, Alaska, during World War II. She was the only ship of the United States Navy to be named for the grunion.
31 July 1942:
Off Kiska, Aleutians. While the dense fog weakens a little, Kano Maru resumes her course to Kiska harbor cruising at 15 knots. At 0547, LtCdr Mannert L. Abele’s (USNA’26) (former CO of USS S-31) USS Grunion (SS-216) on her first war patrol, torpedoes Kano Maru and gets a hit on the starboard machinery room that floods and stops the diesel engine. Two crewmen are KIA.
At 0548, the sub’s periscope is spotted. Kano Maru’s 8-cm/40 (3-inch) Type 41 guns and 13mm MGs fire at USS Grunion, but score no hits. At 0557, Abele fires another unreliable Mark-14 torpedo that runs deep. At 0607, two other torpedoes hit Kano Maru near the machinery room, but fail to explode. Abele attempts to surface and sink Kano Maru by gunfire, but sustains fire from Kano Maru guns and MGs. At 0610, the 8cm gun’s 84th shot hits the conning tower. USS Grunion crash dives, but Abele’s green crew loses depth control. USS Grunion exceeds crush depth, implodes, killing 70 and is lost.

USS Grunion (SS-216)

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