June 30, 1944 – This Day During World War ll – USS Tang sank Japanese transport Nikkin Maru

June 30, 1944 – USS Tang sank the unescorted Japanese transport Nikkin Maru with one torpedo between Kyushu, Japan and Dalian, China.
Nikkin Maru (日錦丸) was a 5,600-ton Japanese troop transport during World War II
On 30 June 1944, Nikkin Maru was transporting around 3,200 men of the Japanese 23rd Army from Korea to Japan. The unescorted Nikkin Maru was discovered by the US submarine USS Tang. A single torpedo blew Nikkin Maru in half, and the transport ship sank in the Yellow Sea off Mokpo, Korea, at position 35°05´N, 125°00´E. All soldiers and crew members drowned, making the sinking of Nikkin Maru one of the worst maritime disasters in World War II

SS Nikkin Maru

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