May 22, 1943 – This Day During World War ll – American TBF aircraft sink German submarine U-569

May 22, 1943 – American TBF aircraft from the 14,000-ton USS Bogue attacked the German submarine U-569, forcing her to surface and surrender.
German submarine U-569 was a Type VIIC U-boat of Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine during World War
She carried out nine patrols, sank one ship of 984 gross register tons (GRT) and damaged one other of 4,458 GRT.
The boat was badly damaged by four depth charges dropped by one TBM Avenger,piloted by William F. Chamberlain, from the escort carrier USS Bogue on 22 May 1943. A relief Avenger, from USS Bogue too, piloted by Howard S. Roberts, was waiting overhead when the U-boat resurfaced. Roberts dropped four more depth charges and machine-gunned the bridge to prevent the Germans from manning the flak guns. U-boat Commander Johannsen had no intentions of fighting back. According to American records, he ordered the crew to raise a white flag on the periscope. Upon seeing this flag, Roberts withheld fire and guided the Canadian destroyer St.Laurent to the scene. As the destroyer approached, Johannsen ordered his crew to scuttle and jump overboard. St.Laurent fished out Johannsen and 24 of his crew of 46. This is how U-569 ended up scuttled in mid-Atlantic in late afternoon, on May 22, 1943. Twenty-one men died with U-569; there were 25 survivors, who were sent to Washington for interrogation.

Depth charges dropped by Roberts prior to sinking

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