May 22, 1832 – This day during the Black Hawk Indian War – Hollenback’s Grove raid

May 22, 1832 – Hollenback’s Grove raid Hollenbeck’s Grove The house of a Mr. Hollenbeck was burned in Hollenbeck’s Grove (or Hollenback’s) on May 22, 1832, one day after the Indian Creek massacre. Other parts of the settlement at the grove were also burned and looted. Refugees from Hollenbeck’s Grove joined the exodus from the Fox River valley toward Danville, passing through Plainfield on their way. In Plainfield wildly overstated claims of Native Americans burning and looting everything were passed along, greatly disturbing the already fearful residents. In the index to his 2006 book, Black Hawk: The Battle for the Heart of America, Kerry A. Trask refers to the incident as the Hollenback’s Grove raid.

Hollenback’s Grove raid

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