May 22, 1780 – This Day During The American Revolution – Raid at Caughnawaga

May 22, 1780 – Raid at Caughnawaga, New York On May 22, Chief Joseph Brant and a group of his Indians made a surprise attack the settlement of Caughnawaga.
Caughnawaga was located on the Mohawk River. Brant burned the settlement to the ground. Sir John Johnson had joined up with Brant before the Indian group left for Johnstown.
Caughnawaga suffered terribly in the Tory-Indian raid, under Sir John Johnson, on May 21, 1780, when the enemy war party raided the valley from Tribes Hill west to the settlement of Major Jelles Fonda (at present Schenck’s Hollow). Nearly all the buildings on this twelve-mile stretch were burned and many people were murdered and captured. Colonel Visscher fought the Indians but was tomahawked, scalped and left for dead in his house, which was set on fire. Survivors put out the fire and the sturdy patriot recovered and lived for years. Douw Fonda and four other old farmers, over eighty years old, were murdered. Douw Fonda had been an intimate friend of Sir William, father of Sir John Johnson. The savages locked Peggy Wemple in her tavern and set it on fire. She was rescued after the band went westward.

Raid at Caughnawaga

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