April 20, 1942 – This Day During World War ll – A Type 96 240mm howitzer

April 20, 1942 – A Type 96 240mm howitzer was brought to the Bataan Peninsula on Luzon, Philippine Islands by the Japanese for the purpose of bombarding the island of Corregidor. On the same day, on the island of Panay, Japanese Army troops declared the island secure. In the battle of Corregidor, heavy artillery were used to destroy the batteries on the fortress islands. The Type 96 240mm cannon first saw action at this time. They bombarded Corregidor Is., Caballo Is,, Ft. Drum and Carabao Is. for over a month and silenced most of the American batteries. Though the mortars at Battery Geary were the last on Corregidor to fire, the artillery at Ft. Drum was never silenced – it being the only sizeable artillery in the Philippines utilizing armored turrets.

Type 96 240mm howitzer on the Bataan Peninsula

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