December 28, This day during the American Civil War

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December 28, 1861 – The Battle of Mount Zion Church was a battle of the American Civil War, which occurred on December 28, 1861, in Boone County, southeast of Hallsville, Missouri. The resulting Union victory here and elsewhere in central Missouri ended Confederate recruiting activities in the region and pushed conventional Confederate forces out of the area until the desperate fall 1864 invasion by General Sterling Price and his Missouri State Guard.  Benjamin M. Prentiss led a Union force of 5 companies of the Third Missouri Cavalry [Federal] and 2 companies of Birge’s Western Sharpshooters into Boone County to protect the North Missouri Railroad, disrupt the organization of the secessionist Missouri State Guard, and generally overawe secessionist sentiment in the region. Prentiss’s forces left the Northern Missouri headquarters in Palmyra, Missouri, on December 24. After arriving in Sturgeon on December 26, Prentiss learned about a concentration of State Guard near…

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