December 25, This Day during the World War ll

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December 25, 1941 – The Run for Tunis was part of the Tunisia Campaign in the Second World War. It took place during the November and December 1942. Once French opposition to the Allied Operation Torch landings had ceased in mid-November, the Allies made a rapid advance by a division-sized force east from Algeria in an attempt to capture Tunis and forestall an Axis build up in Tunisia. This they narrowly failed to do. Although elements of the Allied attack got within less than 20 mi (32 km) of Tunis by late November, the defenders were able to reorganise and counterattack, pushing them back nearly 20 mi (32 km) to positions which had stabilised by the year′s end. The two Allied columns advanced towards Djebel Abiod and Beja respectively. The Luftwaffe—happy to have local air superiority while the Allies planes had to fly from relatively distant bases in Algeria—harassed them…

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