December 23, 1944 – This day during the World War ll

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December 23, 1944 – Destroyer Yuzuki was sunk by US Marine Corps aircraft 105 kilometers north-northwest of Cebu, Philippine Islands; 20 crewmen were killed, 217 survived and rescued by destroyer Kiri. Yuzuki was commissioned into service in 1927 as the last of the modern 12-ship Mutsuki-class destroyers. Her WW2 career began as she covered invasion landings on the Chinese coast, and then escorted Japanese troop transports to French Indochina. In the opening phases of the Pacific War, she escorted the attack forces for Guam, Mariana Islands and for Kavieng, New Ireland, Bismarck Islands, and went on to serve in similar roles further south in the Solomon Islands and New Guinea. During the invasion of Tulagi, Solomon Islands in May 1942, Yuzuki was strafed by American aircraft which led to the loss of 10 men including her commanding officer Lieutenant Commander Hirota Tachibana. Upon repair, she returned to escort duties for…

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