December 18, This day during the American Civil War

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December 18, 1864 – in Marion, Virginia – Riding through the Cumberland Gap, General George Stoneman’s expedition advanced on the important lead mines and salt ponds around Marion and Saltville. On December 17, Stoneman defeated a makeshift force of Confederate defenders. On the 18th, the Federals destroyed the leadworks and mines. On the 20th, Stoneman then turned back to Saltville. After determined skirmishing on the part of the outnumbered Confederate defenders, the Federals captured and destroyed the salt works, accomplishing the objective of their raid.Though the battle at Marion was considered a Union victory, Breckinridge and his men had accomplished several things. The respect for the Confederate fighting abilities had convinced Stoneman to suspend his devastating raid and contributed to his inability to completely destroy the salt works. The vastly outnumbered Confederates had also inflicted heavy causalities on the Union army. After the defeat of General Stephen G. Burbridge’s expedition…

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nominated as the most influential blog
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