December 16, This Day during the World War l

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December 16, 1914 – The raid on Scarborough, Hartlepool and Whitby which took place on 16 December 1914, was an attack by the Imperial German Navy on the British seaport towns of Scarborough, Hartlepool, West Hartlepool, and Whitby. The attack resulted in 137 fatalities and 592 casualties, many of which were civilians. The attack resulted in public outrage towards the German navy for an attack against civilians, and against the Royal Navy for its failure to prevent the raid. Admiral Hipper left the Jade river at 03:00 on 15 December. During the following night, one of the accompanying destroyers—SMS S-33—became separated from the rest and radioed for direction. This risked giving away the presence of the ships and the destroyer was ordered to be silent. Still lost, it headed for home but, on the way, sighted four British destroyers which it reported by radio. Hipper also noted radio traffic from…

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