December 13, This day during the Vietnam War

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December 13, 1974 – The 1975 Spring Offensive Phuoc Long was the northernmost provincial capital in the III Corps Tactical Zone, approximately 75 air miles northeast of Saigon. At the end of December, the North Vietnamese CT-7 and 3rd Divisions, an independent infantry regiment, and armored, anti-aircraft, and heavy artillery support moved out of Cambodia to the attack. The province was defended by five Regional Force battalions, 48 Popular Force platoons, and four territorial artillery sections. From his headquarters at Bien Hoa, Lieutenant General Du Quoc Dong, the III Corps commander, augmented this force by sending in the 2nd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment of the 5th Division, two artillery sections, and three reconnaissance companies.[34] The battle for the province began on 13 December when PAVN forces began to isolate Phuoc Long City’s overland communications and eliminating static outposts. They then began to bombard Phuoc Luong accurately with heavy artillery and…

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nominated as the most influential blog
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