December 13, This day during the American Revolution

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December 13, 1776 – at Basking Ridge, New Jersey – On December 12, Maj. Gen. Charles Lee made camp a few miles south of Morristown. He was on his way to join Gen. George Washington’s force. For reasons unknown, Lee did not stay at the camp but instead, he went to White’s Tavern near Basking Ridge, about 3 miles from the American camp. Lee brought along a guard detachment of 19 troops with him. Gen. James Cornwallis had learned that there was an American force close to his rear. He sent a cavalry detachment to patrol from his headquarters at Pennington, which was about 30 miles south of Lee’s camp, to locate the American camp. Lt. Col. William Harcourt, with 29 cavalrymen from the 16th Light Horse and Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton, headed north that night. On December 13, after a brief rest, the British patrol headed towards Morristown. When…

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nominated as the most influential blog
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