December 8, This Day during the World War ll

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December 8, 1941 – Japanese invasion of Thailand occurred on December 8, 1941. It was fought between Thailand and the Empire of Japan. Despite fierce fighting in Southern Thailand, Thai resistance lasted only a few hours before ending in a ceasefire. At dawn the Imperial Guards Division, spearheading the 15th Army, crossed the border into Thailand’s recently reclaimed Battambang Province at Tambon Savay Donkeo, Athuek Thewadej District (Russei) of Battambang. The Japanese encountered no resistance, and from Sisophon swung north-westwards into Aranyaprathet (then still a district of Prachinburi Province) along the nearly finished railway link between Aranyaprathet and Monkhol Bourei. (the actual opening date for traffic was 11 April 1942) The Japanese 1st Infantry Battalion of the 143rd Infantry Regiment landed at Chumphon on the morning of December 8. They managed to form a perimeter around their landing areas, but were pinned down by determined resistance by Thai Youth Army (the 52nd…

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nominated as the most influential blog
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