November 30, This day during the War of 1812

U S Military History

November 30, 1813 – Battle of Typee Valley The Nuku Hiva Campaign refers to an armed conflict between the United States and the Polynesian inhabitants of Nuku Hiva during the Pacific Ocean theater of the War of 1812. It occurred in 1813 and following Captain David Porter’s decision to sail his fleet to the island for repairs before continuing his raid against British shipping. Upon arrival, the Americans became involved in a tribal war and allied themselves with the Te I’i people against the Happah and Tai Pi clans. Once word spread that Porter and his allies had been defeated, the Te I’i and the Happah warriors began to turn on the Americans which led them to fear that Madisonville would be overrun and the inhabitants massacred. Porter wrote; “I had now no alternative, but to prove our superiority by a successful attack upon the Typees.” Porter organized and led…

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