November 30, This day during the Korean War

U S Military History

November 30, 1950 – Actions at Kunu-ri – Kunu-ri is a crossroad village on the northern bank of the Kaechon River, one of Ch’ongch’on River’s southern tributaries. As the Chinese counteroffensive grew in strength against the Eighth Army’s center, Kunu-ri had become a major bottleneck for the US IX Corps’ retreat. In an effort to stabilize the front on November 28, Walker ordered the US 2nd Infantry Division to retreat from Kujang-dong and to set up a new defensive line at Kunu-ri. The importance of Kunu-ri was also noted by the Chinese, and on November 27, Peng instructed the PVA 38th Corps to cut the US IX Corps retreat route. The PVA 114th Division of the 38th Corps would capture Kunu-ri by marching westward on the road from Tokchon, while the PVA 112th Division would follow on a parallel route through the hills north of the road. With the US 2nd Infantry…

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