November 29, This day during the World War ll

U S Military History

November 29, 1941 – Operation Uzice in Yugoslavian historiography, was the first major counter-insurgency operation by the Germans on the territory of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia during World War II. Serb collaborationist forces of the German-installed puppet regime of Milan Nedić also participated in the offensive, which was directed against the Užice Republic, the first of several “free territories” liberated by the Partisans. After the offensive commenced on 20 September 1941, the Partisans initially received assistance from local Chetnik formations in opposing the Germans, but after weeks of disagreement and low-level conflict between the two insurgent factions about how the resistance should proceed, the Chetniks launched an attack on the Partisans in the towns of Užice and Požega on November 1 which resulted in the Chetniks being repulsed. The Partisans then counter-attacked decisively, but by early December had been driven from liberated area by the German and Serb collaborationist offensive. To…

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