U S Military History

November 29, 1729 – The Natchez Massacre was a surprise revolt against French colonists in the area of modern Natchez, Mississippi, by Natchez Indians on November 29, 1729. The Natchez had lived alongside the French for more than a decade prior to the incident, conducting peaceful trade and labor and even marrying some of the colonists. However, the Natchez leaders were provoked when the French colonial commandant, Sieur de Chépart, demanded land from a Natchez village for his own plantation near Fort Rosalie. More than 240 people were killed in the subsequent revolt, most of them French men, and the fort was left in ruins. The massacre destroyed some of the Louisiana colony’s most productive farms, and endangered shipments of food and trade goods on the Mississippi River. As a result, the French state withdrew management of Louisiana from the French West India Company and returned it to crown control…

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