November 26, This day during the Mexican American Border War (1910–1919)

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November 26, 1915 – The Second Battle of Nogales was a three-sided military engagement of the Mexican Revolution, fought in November of 1915 at the border towns of Nogales, Sonora and Nogales, Arizona. On the morning of November 26, rebel forces of Pancho Villa, who occupied Nogales, Sonora, began firing on United States Army soldiers in Nogales, Arizona. The Americans responded with counter fire for over two hours before a force of Carrancistas arrived to attack the Villistas. Later that day, the Constitutionalistas accidentally opened fire on American soldiers and another short skirmish was fought. The battle resulted in the deaths of several Mexicans and was the first significant engagement fought between Villistas and the United States military. In November of 1915, Pancho Villa was engaged in the major Battle of Agua Prieta, a battle he would ultimately lose. Short on men and supplies, Villa sent a detachment to Nogales…

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nominated as the most influential blog
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