November 19 This Day During World War ll

November 19, 1944 – Japanese submarine I-37 was sunk by American ships off Ulithi, Caroline Islands; the four Kaiten submarines aboard that she was supposed to deliver for Operation Gen were also lost. Arriving Guam 28 September, USS McCoy Reynolds (DE-440) served on convoy and escort duty; 25 and 26 October she screened ships of task group TG 30.8 east of Luzon as they refueled hard-hitting carriers of the Fast Carrier Task Force. She escorted two merchant troopships, to Leyte Gulf 11 to 14 November, sailed in convoy 15 November, and arrived at Kossol, Palaus, the 18th. With the destroyer escort USS Conklin  (DE-439), she began a sonar search at 1055 on 19 November for a submarine that had been spotted in the western entrance to Kossol Roads. Four hours later she made contact and closed to attack with hedgehogs and depth charges. McCoy Reynolds and Conklin made a total of eight attacks until an underwater explosion occurred and oil and debris gushed to the surface at about 1745, marking the sinking of the Japanese submarine I-37. 


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