November 18 This day during the War of 1812

November 18, 1813 – aboutt 20 miles east of Talledega, Alabama (Mississippi Territory) – Eastward of Talledega about 20 miles were 2 towns occupied by Creek Indians called Hillabees. These had informed Gen. Andrew Jackson that they could not oppose the United States, whereupon he summoned their head men to confer with him. While the chiefs were away, Brig. Gen. James White’s brigade of Maj. Gen. John Cocke’s army fell upon their undefended Indian village at dawn on November 17. The Americans killed 60 Hillabees and captured around 250 of them. White reported this exploit with pride to Cocke. Jackson exploded at the news of this attack, but did nothing except say nasty things about Cocke and White. Jackson’s anger made Cocke less eager than before to report to him, but a longer delay was impossible. He checked in finally at Fort Strother on December 12.


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