November 11 This day during the American Revolution

November 11, 1775 – November 11, 1775 at Charlestown, South Carolina – Rumors of a British naval attack caused the local commanders to make changes in the harbors defense. A plan was made to sink several old ships in the Marsh Channel and Hog Island Creek. This would close the Hog Island channel to any British incursion into the area. On November 11, the USS Defense, commanded by Capt. Simon Tufts, proceeded with 4 ship hulks in order to sink them in the channel. At 4:30 P.M., the HMS Tamar, commanded by Capt. Edward Thornborough, spotted the Defense and fired 6 shots at it. The Defense dropped anchor and fired back. After the Tamar ceased its firing, Tufts was able to sink 3 of the hulks. 


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