November 3 This day during the American Civil War

November 3, 1862 – near Harrisonville, Missouri – Col. E.C. Catherwood dispatched an oxen-drawn military train of 13 wagons toward the Pacific railhead at Sedilia. Lt.  Newby and 22 cavalrymen were sent along as escorts. Along the way, the Federals did not think that there was any danger along the route and became relaxed. Col. William Quantrill and his 150 Confederate guerrillas discovered the route of the wagon train. They decided that this would be an easy target. On November 3, the Confederates quickly closed in on the wagon train and circled the wagons. After a lopsided fight, the Confederates captured Newby and 4 soldiers and the Federals who were not killed or wounded managed to escape. Quantrill ordered his men to burn the wagons, which they did. The oxen were set free and the Confederates headed south. The federals suffered 10 killed, 3 wounded and 4 captured


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