October 25 This day during the American Civil War

October 25, 1864 – in Linn County, Kansas – The engagement at Marais des Cygnes River was the last major fighting of Price’s raid into Missouri. For almost a full month, Pleasonton had been chasing Price’s raiders throughout Missouri. At Jefferson City, his defenses were extensive and threatening enough to send Price into a westward retreat. On hearing of Pric’s movement, Pleasonton immediately ordered a cavalry division to follow in pursuit. He struck on the 22nd near Westport, then withdrew. Maj. Gen. Samuel R. Curtis’s Union Army of the Border struck Price again the next day just south of Westport, as Pleasonton attacked one of Price’s 3 divisions along the Big Blue River. Since the fighting had greatly reduced his forces, Price hastily retreated southward. Pleasonton immediately resumed his pursuit, chasing Price’s demoralized troops for 60 miles to the Marais des Cygnes on the Kansas border.By the 25th, Pleasonton had reached the Confederate lines at the river and planned an attack for daybreak. Beginning with an artillery bombardment that began at 4:00 A.M., Pleasonton’s command, heavily outnumbered, made a gallant charge against the weakened Confederates and attacked furiously. Although outnumbered, they hit the Confederate line, forcing them to withdraw. According to Pleasonton, the Confederates left in great haste, dropping trees in the road to bar the Union progress, and fighting a running contest to the Osage River,…. after a brilliant charge, the Confederates were routed. Price’s troops were effectively crippled, and except for a few skirmishes, Price’s Missouri Raid was over. This was part of Price’s Missouri Campaign

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