October 14 This Day During World War ll

October 14, 1942 – USS Skipjack sank Japanese ship Shunko Maru south of the Palau Islands, hitting her with both torpedoes fired. She fired an additional torpedo at another Japanese ship; the torpedo missed the target. Following participation in performance tests for the Mark 14 torpedo, Skipjack sailed for her fourth war patrol on 18 July 1942, conducted along the northwest coast of Timor which she reconnoitered and photographed. Skipjack’s fifth war patrol was conducted off Timor Island, Amboina, and Halmahera. On 14 October, while patrolling south of the Palau Islands, the submarine torpedoed and sank the 6,781-ton cargo ship, Shunko Maru  Following a depth charge attack by a Japanese destroyer, the submarine returned to Pearl Harbor 

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