October 14 This day during the American Civil War

October 14, 1864 – in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia – On October 13, Lt. Col. John S. Mosby and his Confederate raiders set out for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad at Harper’s Ferry. This was perhaps his most celebrated raid in the war, and was called by some the “Greenback Raid.” The purpose was to harass and achieve a measure of terrorism against a supposedly secure rail line. On October 14, at 2:30 A.M., Mosby’s raiders managed to derail a passenger train 8 miles northwest of Harper’s Ferry. They discovered that the majority of the passengers were a contingent of German-speaking Americans. Mosby surprisingly discovered that there were 2 paymasters on board that were carring $173,000 in greenbacks. The Confederates took the money and left the area.

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