October 13 This day during World War ll

October 13, 1942 – Japanese cruiser Furutaka maneuvered herself in between flagship Aoba and American ships, saving the flagship but causing her own demise. During the night of 12 Oct 1942, Furutaka was engaged in the Battle of Cape Esperance. The American fleet crossed the Japanese fleet’s “T”, and in the confusion of the start of the attack, Admiral Goto thought he was fired upon by mistake by Japanese ships, and maneuvered in a way that further exposed the fleet to the Americans. Flagship Aoba was quickly hit and heavily damaged, mortally wounding Goto. Under the direction of Captain Tsutau Araki, who had been the commanding officer since 28 Nov 1941, Furutaka maneuvered herself between Aoba and the American ships, sacrificing herself to protect the flagship from further harm. Destroyer USS Duncan fired two torpedoes at Furutaka that either missed or failed to detonate, but the 90 shell hits from American ships were effective in damaging Furutaka, igniting some of her Type 93 “Long Lance” torpedoes and causing fires. At 2354, an American torpedo hit her, flooding her forward engine room. After efforts to control flooding failed, orders were given to abandon her. At 0228 on 13 Oct, she sank by the stern. 514 survivors, including Captain Araki, were rescued by destroyers Hatsuyuki, Murakumo and Shirayuki. 33 men were killed with additional 110 men reported as missing; 115 were captured by Americans.

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