October 13 This day during the French and Indian War

October 13, 1755 – The Bay of Fundy Campaign Chignecto After the fall of Fort Beauséjour (1755), the first wave of the expulsion of the Acadians began in the region of Chignecto. Under the direction of Colonel Robert Monckton, on August 10, Lieutenant-Colonel John Winslow seized four hundred unsuspecting men who were at Fort Cumberland (formerly Fort Beausejour). He also imprisoned 86 Acadians within Fort Lawrence. The number of prisoners was one third the men of the region; many of the others fled the region. The prisoners were kept in the fort until transports arrived to deport them. The wives and children joined them upon departure. Almost a month after the expulsion began, on September 2, Boishebert organized the Mi’kmaq and Acadian resistance in the region and soundly defeated the British forces in the Battle of Petitcodiac. Almost one month later, on October 1, the Acadian prisoners at Fort Lawrence escaped. Joseph Broussard (Beausoleil) was one of the escapees. On October 13, a convoy of eight transports, carrying on board approximately 1782 prisoners, left Chignecto Basin escorted by three British men–of–war. The Acadians of Chignecto were considered the most rebellious. As a result, they were sent the furthest from Acadia to South Carolina and Georgia. Upon leaving, Monckton began burning the Acadian villages to prevent the Acadians’ return.


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