June 30 This day during the Korean War

June 30, 1950 – General Church goes to Osan (12 miles south of Suwon so he can communicate with Far East Command Headquarters via telephone. He is told that if Suwon Air Field can be held, 2 U.S. infantry battalions will be flown in the next day. While he is in Osan, ADSCOM personnel panic in the belief they about to be surrounded, destroy their documents and radios, then move to Suwon Air Field to set up a defense perimeter. Once there, they decide to retreat south to Taejon and order AAA personnel to accompany them. General Church meets the retreating Americans on the road and orders them back to Suwon but finding all communications equipment destroyed, orders all to fall back to Taejon. When the communist North Korean Army invaded South Korea, MacArthur sent Church to lead a survey team of staff officers to work with Ambassador Muccio and the Korean Military Advisory Group (KMAG) and assess what assistance could be provided to the ROK Army. This task resulted in the establishment of GHQ Advance Command and Liaison Group (ADCOM) at Suwon. The 24th Infantry Division, which was stationed in Japan as part of the U.S. Eighth Army, was the first army unit sent over from Japan under the command of Major General William F. Dean. A reinforced company of the division, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Brad Smith, was sent north from Pusan to try to halt the North Koreans. Meeting with Smith at Taejon, Church informed him “All we need is some men up there who won’t run when they see tanks”, and instructed Smith to make his stand at Osan. Task Force Smith was without tank support and had faulty communications, and was promptly overrun in its first engagement with the North Koreans. Dean gathered his troops in the city of Taejon and formed a strong defense. After a stubborn fight, the American troops retreated. Dean got separated from his troops and was captured. On July 22, Church, without a command following the dissolution of ADCOM, was given command of the division. 

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