April 30, This day during Lord Dunmore’s War of 1774.

April 30, 1774 – Yellow Creek Massacre was a brutal killing of several Mingos by Virginia frontiersmen on April 30, 1774 that was one of the main incidents that contributed to Lord Dunmore’s War. It was carried out by a group led by Jacob and Daniel Greathouse. The perpetrators of this slaughter were never brought to justice. This incident was all the worse because Chief Logan was a good friend of the English-speaking settlers in the region. Chief Logan was away on a hunt but his wife Mellana, his brother Taylaynee (called John Petty by many English speakers), Taylaynee’s son Molnah and his Logan’s and Taylaynee’s sister Koonay were among the slain. Koonay was also the wife of John Gibson a prominent trader between the English and various Native American groups who at the time of the massacre was on a trading expedition to the Shawnee. The Greathouse group lured the Mingo group under Taylaynee into their camp with a promise of liquor and sport. Then they sprung an ambush on the Mingos and shot them dead. After the killings many of the bodies were mutilated. In a particular brutal killing Jacob Greathouse ripped open Koonay’s abdomen and removed and scalped her unborn son. The only member of the first group who was not killed was Koonay’s two-year-old daughter who was eventually returned to the care of her father, John Gibson, after she had for a time been in the care of William Crawford. This massacre, following a series of incidents, was the final break in relations between the white settlers and the Indians and is considered the immediate cause of Lord Dunmore’s War of 1774. Terrible vengeance was wreaked on the white settlers by the Indians. Chief Logan incorrectly blamed Colonel Cresap for his brother’s death and in turn, Cresap despised and hated Greathouse for his part in the affair. Daniel Greathouse died of meseales in 1775. Jacob Greathouse was killed in the ambush of William Foreman Company in September 1777. It was Jonathan-not Jacob-Greathouse -who was killed 1791-while in the process of moving his family west, they were captured on the Ohio River. He and his wife were both tortured and killed along with the rest of their party. 

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