April 28 This day during the Afghanistan War

April 28, 2011 – Afghanistan–Pakistan skirmishes The Afghanistan–Pakistan skirmishes are cross-border shellings that have occurred since 1949 along the poorly marked Durand Line border between the Pakistani Armed Forces and the Afghan National Security Forces. The latest hostility began in mid-2003 around Khost Province in Afghanistan and continued until 2013 after a dozen missiles were reportedly fired from Pakistan that killed an Afghan woman and wounded several others in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan. The cross-border shellings intensified in 2011 and 2012 with many reports from different occasions claiming that Pakistani missiles have hit civilian areas inside Afghanistan’s Nuristan Province, Kunar Province and Nangarhar Province. Most of this is related to the United States drone attacks in Pakistan from the Afghan side, the Taliban insurgency and the fact that the border has never been properly marked. April 28, 2011 – Border firing broke out in South Waziristan. At least 12 Afghan troops and one soldier from the Pakistan Frontier Corps were killed in the clash, although another source put the Afghan casualties at 8. The attack came just a week after Afghan soldiers had struck in Lower Dir, killing 14 Pakistani security personnel and 40 militants. According to the Pakistani military, Afghan troops opened “unprovoked firing” from across the border and also damaged a market, causing troops from the Pakistani side to respond with fire. However, Afghanistan blamed Pakistan for the clash and denied any Afghan casualties, claiming that only three Pakistani troops were killed. According to Pakistani intelligence analysts, foreign coalition forces have been encouraging Afghan troops to attack border posts. Pakistan also demanded for an immediate meeting to discuss the incident.

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