March 31 This day during the World War ll

March 31, 1944 – Aircraft from ships Beagle and Tracker in Allied convoy JW-58 sank German submarine U-355 in the Arctic Sea. U-355 was ordered by the Kriegsmarine on 26 October 1939. She was laid down about six months later at the Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft yard at Flensburg, on 4 May 1940. Just over a year and a month later, U-355 was launched on 5 July 1941. She was formally commissioned later that year on 29 October 1941. U-355 carried 5 × 533 mm (21 in) torpedo tubes (four located in the bow, one in the stern) and had one C35 88mm/L45 deck gun with 220 rounds. She could also carry 14 G7e torpedoes or 26 TMA mines and had a crew of 44-52 men. During her ninth patrol, U-355 reported from approximate position 73°03′N 13°10′ECoordinates: 73°03′N 13°10′E while in pursuit of Convoy JW 58. She was never heard from again, and was listed as missing, together with 52 hands on board, on 4 April 1944. Post-war analysis led the Admiralty to credit her destruction to HMS Beagle and aircraft from HMS Tracker. 

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