March 30, This Day during the World War l

March 30, 1918 – The Battle of Arras Operation Michael Day 10 The last general German attack came on the 30th. Von Hutier renewed his assault on the French on the south of the newly formed Somme salient, while von der Marwitz launched an attack towards Amiens (First battle of Villers-Bretonneux, 30 March-5 April). Some British ground was lost, but the German attack was rapidly losing strength. The Germans had suffered massive casualties during the battle, many to their best units and in some areas the offensive slowed down while hungry German troops looted Allied supply depots. The Herts war diary reads: 30-3-18. Today (March 30) saw the enemy advancing on the right flank on the other side of the river de LUCE. He very soon enfiladed our positions both with artillery and machine guns. This was followed by a strong enemy bombardment and attack on our front. After a stubborn resistance the Bn fell back to the BOIS DE HANGARD, making two counter attacks en route.(comment – Lt John William CHURCH died from his wounds and Lt Angier Percy HURD was killed on 30-3-18).

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