January 30 This Day during the World War ll

January 30, 1942 – 800 men of the Japanese Special Naval Landing Force and 4,000 Japanese Army troops landed on the island of Ambon in the Dutch East Indies, covered from above by carrier aircraft of Hiryu and Soryu. Without air support, the 2,800 Dutch and 1,100 Australian troops withdrew toward Passo, failing to destroy bridges behind them. The island of Ambon hosted a major Dutch military base in the Moluccan Islands. Japanese aircraft began bombarding the island as early as 6 Jan 1942. The invasion began on 30 Jan when 1,000 Japanese Special Naval Landing Force and Army troops landed at Hitu-lama on the northern coast and on the Laitimor Peninsula on the southern coast. Batugong was captured by the Japanese on the following day early in the morning, and the town of Passo also fell by 1600 hours, which signaled the end of the main Dutch resistance.

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