December 30, This day during the American Revolution

December 30, 1780 – at Hammond’s Store (Williamson’s Plantation), Laurens County, South Carolina – To encourage the British support in the upcountry of South Carolina, 250 loyalists under Col. Francis Waters, from Savannah, were sent into the Fair Forest area, at a location 15 to 20 miles south of Morgan’s camp on the Pacelot. Col William Washington with 75 of his dragoons and 200 mounted South Carolina militia under Lieut. Col. Joseph Hayes and Lieut. Col. James McCall was sent to attack him on the 29th. Learning of their approach Waters fell back to Hammond’s Store where on the 30th Washington caught up with and routed him. The Loyalists were beaten back and began a retreat. During the 7-mile retreating action, the Loyalists suffered heavy casualties. Morgan reported to Greene the Loyalists as losing 150 killed or wounded and 40 captured, a number probably indicating that many of Waters men were needlessly slaughtered. However, it seems likely that the vindictiveness sprang from the militia, with scores to settle, rather than Washington’s dragoons as such

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