December 30, This day during the American Civil War

December 30, 1862 – in New Haven, Kentucky – On December 30, Col. John H. Morgan and his Confederate raiders, consisting of three companies of the Confederate 9th Kentucky Cavalry (approximately 225 men) and one howitzer from Morgan’s artillery battery, had been sent to destroy the bridge across the Rolling Fork River at New Haven. When they entered New Haven, the Confederates encountered Company H of the 78th Illinois Infantry (with the regimental field and staff – approximately 95 men). The Federals were guarding a stockade at the time. They demanded the surrender of the fort (Fort Allen) and when it was refused they tried to shell the Union out of the stockade. The 12 lb howitzer they had could not do the job and the Confederates attacked on foot and horseback – but were driven back by heavy musketry with at least 3 wounded. They left and met up with Morgan’s main body between Springfield and Lebanon KY.

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