November 29, This day during the War of 1812

November 29, 1813 – Creek village of Autosse, Mississippi Territory (Alabama) – In mid-November 1813, Brig. Gen. John Floyd of the Georgia militia left Georgia with 950 state militiamen and 400 friendly Creek warriors under William McIntosh and the son of Mad Dog. He planned a raid on the hostile Creek village of Autosse on the southern bank of the Tallapoosa River 20 miles above its juncture with the Coosa River. Floyd reached the vicinity of the Indian town on the morning of November 29. He divided his troops into 3 columns with the artillery placed in front of the right column. His original plan was to encircle the town by extending his flanks. However, he discovered another small town downstream. He therefore extended his left flank in order to destroy both towns. The U.S. artillery and small arms fire won the day and by 9:00 A.M. the battle was over with over 200 hostile Creeks killed and 400 dwellings destroyed at the cost to Floyd of 11 killed and 54 wounded. Having achieved his objective, Floyd and his men returned to their base in Georgia. 

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